Wandering Into Wisdom

This blog chronicles the knowledge, insight and wisdom I encounter every day as a leadership consultant, executive coach, educator, father, friend and citizen. This site is dedicated to my father, Louis (Jack) Laughlin, who passed on to me an appreciation for wisdom. A special thanks to my friend Isaac Cheifetz, a businessman and journalist, who helped me understand the value of blogs and encouraged me to write one.


It has been difficult to convince my fifteen year old son to wear a bicycle helmet. In a moment of desperation I told him that I wanted him to wear a helmet because I didn’t want him to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair unable to speak. The image was so vivid that he asked me to buy him a new helmet which he wears without prompting.


It is important to stay grounded in who we are,
especially when we aspire to be more.


The more knowledge we acquire, the more mystery we discover.
The more wisdom we attain, the more paradox we observe.
The more excellence we achieve, the more limitations we uncover.