Wandering Into Wisdom

This blog chronicles the knowledge, insight and wisdom I encounter every day as a leadership consultant, executive coach, educator, father, friend and citizen. This site is dedicated to my father, Louis (Jack) Laughlin, who passed on to me an appreciation for wisdom. A special thanks to my friend Isaac Cheifetz, a businessman and journalist, who helped me understand the value of blogs and encouraged me to write one.

A Better Culture

Organizational consultants propose that cultural change can significantly improve the effectiveness of an organization. That may be true, but organizational culture is like individual personality, it tends to be very persistent. Here is a quote from Ed Schein, Professor Emeritus at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

“The term ‘corporate culture’ is frequently misused and misunderstood. We talk about a corporate culture as if it were a thing that can be shaped and molded at will. But, culture is much more complicated than that. At a minimum, it factors in the underlying assumptions about the organization’s goals and what the company has learned from its successes and failures over the years."

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