Wandering Into Wisdom

This blog chronicles the knowledge, insight and wisdom I encounter every day as a leadership consultant, executive coach, educator, father, friend and citizen. This site is dedicated to my father, Louis (Jack) Laughlin, who passed on to me an appreciation for wisdom. A special thanks to my friend Isaac Cheifetz, a businessman and journalist, who helped me understand the value of blogs and encouraged me to write one.


When we adopted our first child I wrote down three things I wanted to give our children. My fourteen year old was reading the framed copy on my desk today so I asked him if we had given him those things. I’ve never been so nervous waiting for a response. He nonchalantly walked away, as teenagers tend to do, and said, “yup.”

Love, so they always have a place they’re accepted.
Confidence, so they believe in themselves.
Understanding, so they know their place in the world and what gives life meaning.

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